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What comes in the box?

The box contains a Book, A Pend-drive having videos/audios to understand the concept better and Written Summary to refer.

Why should I subscribe to The Influence Box over buying books online?

Reader or Non Reader this box is made for both, we choose and send the best Non- Fiction Personal Development books. Along with the book, Influence Box have the Summary of Core and Pen drive of Video and Audio of the book so you don’t have to read the book cover to cover.

Is it worth buying?

You are not just buying a box, You are investing on your mind. As one of our mentor and all time great investor Warren Buffet said well
“ The best investment you can make is on yourself, on your mind”

Why pen drive and printed summary of the book?

We love books as well as you do. But we don’t have all that time to read the entire book. So we save you the most important thing of your life, TIME. With the Influence Box you will have all the knowledge from book within hours. You can read the summary for the core concept and you can see videos of the book from the pen drive to understand the idea deeply.

Do I have to return the box after reading?


the box has been specially designed to remind you of the power that lies in knowledge and influence. We want you to keep the box and remember every day the power of words. When you have collected more than one box, pass on the influence to your friends & family and help us in leaving an impact on others as well.

What is the purpose of the Influence Box?


is to serve the society the knowledge from greatest books that read and suggested by world’s top leaders.


is to encourage people for reading. with short summary and videos, any Non-reader will understand the book, and for reader it is the true pleasure to learn the book in entire new way and save hours.


is to Influence people towards their success. Success requires Essential Knowledge.

So we serve you the Essential Knowledge and that Influence you to your Success of life.

Whom can I recommend the box?

You can recommend the box to:-

  • Anybody who wants to increase in value.
  • Anybody who is curious about knowledge.
  • Anybody whom you wish to help grow in life.

How does it cost?

We have 3+1 modules. Starting from 999. We have subscription for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. Remember that longer plans will save you more money. Investing in knowledge will give you the highest return.

How does it work?

Follow these actions in the given order –

  • Select Your pace of growth
  • Fill the form
  • Check out
  • Wait till wisdom arrives at your doorstep
  • Gain the knowledge, spread it to society

What module should I go for?


will have 1 book + Printed Summary +Pen drive with videos of the book. So if you haven’t read any book yet or you are just a beginner than we suggest you to choose Dharma. Dharma will help you to start your learning process and you can learn from 1 book every month.



will have 2 books + Printed Summary + Pen drive with videos of the books. So if you have read 2-3 books till now than we suggest you to choose Karma. Karma will enhance your learning process and you can learn from 2 books every month.



will have 3 books + Printed Summary + Pen drive with videos of the books. And for those who loves to read and can read a book in 2 weeks that we definitely suggest you the Artha. Artha will make your learning skill so fast that you can learn from 3 books in a month.


[An average CEO reads one book a week. so Artha will help you to achieve the level of mindset that a CEO could have, That’s Great]



will have 1 Biography/Auto-Biography/Memorial. Guratam is the mentor module.

Guratuam will help you to learn from a Mentor’s life, his achievements and his struggle to achieve the success.

When will My box ship?

Your box will be shipped by the 26-27th date of the month. You will receive mail and SMS for the delivery schedules.

When will I get My Box?

You will get Your box In 1st week (between 1 to 5 date) of the next month. So you start your month with great Enthusiasm.

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