What is

“The Influence Box”?

With an intention to be a catalyst to many growing minds, Dharmik Dasadia in January 2020 in Gujarat, India founded The Influence Box, an online brand for book subscription. The Influence Box is a monthly book subscription service engaged in spreading essential knowledge by delivering non-fiction books.


 “The Influence Box”?

“Your mindset & perceptions are greatly shaped by the things that influence you”
Connecting with us is a sure shot way to get the right influence that will take you ahead in life. The Influence Box will leave a growth-oriented impact on you, relieving you of the worry about how your mindset and perception will be shaped.

What are the benefits

of being in this community?

Many great philosophers, speakers, entrepreneurs, and knowledgeable individuals have gone through a process and extracted invaluable wisdom through their experiences. It would be sheer ignorance if we do not opt to learn from them and go through the same process again.

Wouldn’t it?

Don’t worry, we won’t let that happen with you.

We know you have so many things to do & would love to help you reduce a task or two!

With ‘The Influence Box’ you don’t have to browse and search for the best book in your area of interest. We will take care of that.

Not only do we bring to you the best books written by highly influential individuals but also provide the books that they have been influenced by. Reading the books suggested by Steve Jobs and Bill gates might be great, but wouldn’t it be awesome to read those books which inspired them to grow? It’s like directly being connected to the powerhouse of influences.

Don’t have time to read the whole book now, but want to get to the core of it?

Refer to the summary!

With every book comes a crisp and precise summary in a written format which you can refer anytime. The summaries are designed in a way to impart the core concept of the book without taking much of your time. So, in case you are in a hurry to know the whole idea but don’t have the time to read the book, the summary will be of great help.

Are you

an auditory or a visual learner?

It doesn’t matter which one are you, we’ve kept in mind the need of both the learners while designing our influence box. The book and the summary serve the visual learner. Whereas, the pen drive in the box helps the auditory learner to learn by listening to the best audios & videos collected about the topics covered in the book.


The Founder

Dharmik is a Civil Engineer who found more interest in working on the foundations of humankind rather than building infrastructures. He has always been curious about the word knowledge & wishes to spread this curiosity amongst every being alive. His love for books and the habit of gifting them to his friends and family inspired him to give birth to this idea of

“The Influence Box”.