Read from Summary
Read from Summary
Learn from Videos
Learn from Videos
Explore The Knowledge from Books
Explore The Knowledge from Books

Learn Fast With Your Family And Retain Maximum.



For A Whole Family.

For Those Who Like To Read,

And Also For Those Who Don’t.


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Success is nothing but a habit of continuous learning.

By embracing your learning skills, we influence you towards success in life.

We have 250+ books and adding more every week.

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Science behind The Influence Box


Average Time It Takes To Read A 400 Pages Book Is About 7 – 8 hours.

[with only 10% Retention]

& With The INFLUENCE Box One Can Learn From That Book In Just 2 hours.

[with more than 65% Retention]


only Read 10%
only Listen-Hear 20%

& With The INFLUENCE Box your Retention will be –

Reading 10%
+ Audio-Video 20%
+ Lecture 5%
+ Demonstration 30%
Total Retention 65%

( If you teach others what you have learn from the box than you will have 90%  retention)  That’s Mind Blowing!

So you’ll have 6 times more retention from just reading and 3.5 times more retention than just listening.

Not only will you learn fast, but also boost your brain’s data retention capacity.

Readers or Beginners, we have what you need to become successful.

You will surely Find your success in Dharma धर्म , Karma कर्म   Artha अर्थ and Gurutama गुरुतमBoxes.

‘Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and youth’


We are Changing lives with Knowledge, So can you!    


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